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Know Your Pests

Know Your Pests

Most insects thrive in warm, hot, and humid conditions. This spring and summer, watch out for insects that can not only be a nuisance, but also quickly infest your entire home. Here are three types of insects commonly seen in spring and summer that should be eradicated by a pest control professional.Pest Control More info about Pest Control


Mosquitoes breed and lay eggs in any standing water they can find. Watch out for these flying insects, not only because their bite is uncomfortable, but also because they have the potential to spread disease. Some mosquitoes carry the West Nile virus, dengue fever, malaria, and yellow fever. Hire a professional if you have a serious mosquito problem. Exterminators will eliminate breeding sites that are active or potentially active and will apply material treatments to areas where adult mosquitoes congregate.


Ants thrive in the summertime. They can enter your home through small cracks and feed themselves and their colony with crumbs, unsealed food, and unwashed dishes. Ant colonies’ members number in the thousands and can overrun a kitchen in a short amount of time. Extermination services will detect and treat possible entry points and eliminate the entire ant colony.Pest Control - Ants


Termites move into the soil in the winter to avoid the cold. Once spring and summer temperatures reheat the soil, they move back up to find food. These pests prefer food-rich places to colonize, especially near ample amounts of wood found in the structure of a home. You should take immediate action if you detect signs of termite damage. Damaged or infected wood should be replaced or treated, and the termite colony should be eliminated by a pest control service.Pest Control Termites

Call ScherZinger Pest Control this spring and summer if you have problems with bed bugs, ants, or termites in Cincinnati. Since 1934, we’ve continued to offer Cincinnati residents our quality, dependable extermination services and a dedication to results. Call us today at (513) 924-4856 for more information.

Odorous ants got their name from the rotten coconut smell they emit when stepped on. These small ants are numerous and often establish colonies in concealed areas. Because some DIY methods may actually encourage colony growth, call a pest control company to eliminate your odorous ant problem right away.

DIY Spraying May Make Matters Worse

Trying to rid your home of odorous ants with an over-the-counter residual spray or dust could actually worsen your infestation. These sprays often overstress odorous house ants without killing them, leading them to instinctively split up and establish sub-colonies in other areas of your home.

Exterminators Wipe Out the Entire Colony

Female odorous ants lay one egg a day and the average colony ranges between 100 and 10,000 members. The hatchlings reach adulthood in less than a month and their adult counterparts live several years. They’re smaller than other common ants and like to nest in hard-to-reach or concealed locations in crawlspaces, underneath carpets, near heaters, and even beneath floors. For these reasons, the heart of their nest may be hard to find, unless you’re a professional.

ScherZinger Pest Control of Cincinnati offers homeowners struggling with ant problems our Target Pest program, a service that targets specific pests with a one-time, guaranteed service. Contact us today if you have a pest control problem in your home. Visit this site about Pest Control
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SEO Tools for Small Business Owner

SEO Tools for Small Business Owner

Who is Brad Krupkin? | Learn Search Marketing!

Who exactly is Brad and why should you care? This is probably the first question you have when visiting today. Well, let me share a little bit about myself and how I can help you and your business achieve greater success when it comes to search engine marketing.

Brad Krupkin in Mexico

As you can tell by my picture, I am not that old. I am in my mid 30′s, but when it comes to digital marketing, I am considered ancient. I have been working in digital marketing space for over a decade. I started out in the early days of Google, as an affiliate marketer promoting random products through PPC on Google Adwords. I had marginal success because I was never formally trained, nor were there a lot of experts in the field who could help me. It was all about trial and error, something I am sure you can appreciate as a small business owner yourself.SEO \ Google Search

From there, I began to write website content for a small agency. This is where I learned more about SEO and landing page elements. I wrote, on average, 20 websites a week, on such a wide range of topics that I really learned a lot more than I was planning to when I took the job.

As I learned more about search engine marketing, I went to work at the largest privately owned ad agency in the world as a PPC – Paid Search specialist. I quickly worked my way up the ranks where I managed high volume accounts worth tens of millions of dollars. I helped make some pretty big national brands much wealthier. I can do the same for you!media marketing

Finally, after getting my fill with agency life, which is surprisingly close to Mad Men on AMC, I took a step back, started a family and went to work for a local business as head of their SEO/PPC/ Local Search marketing efforts. I am still there today, but now have much more time to devote to giving back to the search community all I have learned in the past 10+ years. You stand to learn a lot from my mistakes and I am more than happy to share valuable insights, tools, thought processes, concepts and much more.seo

Ultimately, I want you to be successful. I know you can be, too. Search marketing is not as intimidating as it seems, as long as you know what to look for, how to think, and how to be proactively reactive.

That is who Brad Krupkin is and how I can help you reach whatever realistic goals you have for your small business.

More info here: @ fullspectrumbranding.comglobalmarketforce.com

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T Shirts made just for you

Custom T-Shirts

Now, when you need the perfect, 100% cotton wiping or cleaning rag you won’t have to reach for your favorite old “T” shirt. These high-quality, cleaning and wiping squares are knitted, not woven, from 5.3 oz., heavyweight cotton material that will not ravel, lint or string apart, even after repeated washings. Convenient 12″ x 12″ size is just right for polishing, cleaning, staining and finishing applications, plus shop cleanup and dusting. Highly absorbent right from the package, not treated with silicone or fillers; becomes even softer and more absorbent, wash after wash. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 100% cotton, 12″ (30cm) x 12″, Pack of 3 dozen. More at Brownells $35.49 The T-shirt Game –
Custom t shirts
BRAND NEW The T-Shirt Game
The T-Shirt Game is the fashionable party game “wear” funny matters! Create your own T-shirt by matching ridiculous slogans to outrageous images. To create these laughable masterpieces, the “judge plays a T-Shirt Card, while everyone else throws in the best Slogan Card. Whether it’s funny, to the point, irrelevant, or irreverent, if the “judge” likes it, you win points. BOOYAH! Game Contents: 70 T-Shirt Cards, 209 Slogan Cards, 77 Hot or Not Cards, Instructions,

Design Your Own Custom T-Shirts!
Make your own T-Shirts quickly and easily with T-Shirt Design Kit.Create custom t-shirts for family reunions, birthdays, office parties, sports clubs, and more! Choose from 100 pre-designed templates, or create your own! Customize your design with clip art from the 5,000 image collection included. Select from twenty True Type fonts to express yourself. Just print your design on T-Shirt Transfer Paper, and then iron it onto a T-Shirt and you?ve got a custom shirt just like that!The T-Shirt Design Kit includes the following tools: Design Studio: Illustration and drawing tool for creating your own T-Shirt designs.Browser+: A graphics browser for organizing and viewing the 5,000 images that come with T-Shirt Design Kit. Choose from 100 pre-designed templates – Create your own – Customize your design with clip art from the 5,000 images on CD. Select from 20 True Type fonts Design Studio contains many tools and options to help you create images:
Menu bar: Contains all available commands, such as Open, Close, and Help. It also enables you to change Line and Fill options on the selected tool in the Tool Palette. Custom T Shirts Designs

Tool Palette: Tools enable you to Select objects, Type Text, Draw Shapes, Draw Lines, Transform, and Magnify images.

Toolbar: Contains the most commonly used commands, such as Undo, Preview, Copy, and Paste.

Color Palette: More at Amazon Marketplace230 store reviews$10.86T-Shirt Factory

The T–shirt may be the most ubiquitous, affordable, and popular item of clothing. Over the years it has served as a means to broadcast social, musical and political affiliations. Most recently, the T–shirt has become a creative tool for expressing inventive design. The highly customized T–shirt designs in this book have been selected by Beams T, a hugely popular fashion retail chain and manufacturer in Japan devoted to T–shirts. Founded in 1986, Beams T regards the T–shirt as a canvas for new ideas in art and design and each year of their 20–year history, has invited artists from around the world to create designs for their T–shirts. In this book, 350 of the best of these T–shirt designs are featured in full color. Accompanying the book will be a CD ROM of flash animation which will allow readers to create their own t–shirts. There will be brand new work, created especially for this CD ROM, by 10 Japanese artists including Tsuyoshi Kusano, Tsuyoshi Hirooka, Kiyoshi Kuroda, Kenjiro Harigai, and Tomoki Kurokawa. The artwork included will be the actual size, enabling the reader to print their favorite artwork on their own t–shirts. The artists selected are some of the most renowned graphic designers/ illustrators in Japan and are regular collaborators of Beams T. specialy for you Custom T–SHIRTS call us now.

More on T shirt printing: