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Semi Truck Accident Information – Personal Injury Lawyers

Semi Truck Accident Information

Semi truck accident lawyers can assist you following an accident in several ways:

· Our Semi truck accident attorneys will investigate and consider all aspects of the injuries and losses you have suffered as the result of a semi truck accident to ensure your legal recourse is pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

· Our Semi truck accident lawyers will consolidate all parties liable for your injuries and/or property loss and hold them accountable for damages to ensure you maximum compensation.

· Our Semi truck accident attorneys can often assist in coordinating the time-consuming regulatory “red tape” that always follows a major semi truck accident and act as a very beneficial resource if you are injured and unable to complete the work yourself.truck accident attorneys

Renewed efforts from both the private sector and government regulatory agencies have attempted to reduce the number of semi truck accidents across the country. New laws and greater adherence to existing regulations by semi truck driving companies has helped to reduce the ratio of semi trucks on the road and those involved in semi truck accidents. Despite these measures the increased number of semi trucks on the road every year in addition to the ever increasing number of motorists on the nation’s highways amounts to a semi truck lawyer never having to worry about who to help next. Semi truck accidents are an unfortunate, and apparent, reality on our nation’s highways.

Tight deadlines and a heightened work pace are the primary reasons semi truck accidents are a concern. The delivery industry thrives upon the fast shipment of products. As a result, truck drivers work longer and sleep less than almost every other paid laborer in the country. Sometimes their work day can extend up to sixteen hours, leaving little time for their personal care. This results in decreased attention spans, lower reaction times and an increased number of semi truck accidents.

In addition to driver fatigue, the physical limitations of the semi truck can cause a heightened number of semi truck accidents. For instance, wide loads and chemical or toxic cargo can sometimes become loosened from the semi truck and spill onto the roadway, causing an immense amount of harm to surrounding motorists in the resulting semi truck accident. The semi truck driver is also tasked with keeping track of his or her “blind spot,” an area along the right or left side of the semi truck where the semi truck driver cannot see motorists.

Semi truck accidents can also be unique due to the special nature of the semi truck itself. “Jack knifing” involves the tractor trailer and rig of the semi truck turning at a right angle, usually as a result of the driver braking or turning incorrectly or slippery road conditions. The outstretched tractor trailer can collide into nearby vehicles, cause the rig to veer off course, or block incoming traffic for an extended period of time. All of which are potentially injurious, sometimes fatal, consequences and are a cause for semi truck accidents.

In some cases, the wide turns made by semi trucks can be legally used to establish fault in a semi truck accident. Semi trucks driving on small roads require two lanes of traffic to complete some turns. This is done so the semi truck does not collide with parked vehicles or overtake nearby curbs. In the event a wide turn causes a collision, the semi truck driver can sometimes be held liable for the semi truck accident.

To sort out the aftermath of a semi truck accident, drivers and afflicted motorists must endure a far more arduous path of time-consuming regulatory procedures, or “red tape,” in comparison to accidents between smaller automobiles. Insurance, law enforcement, medical personnel and representatives from the truck driver’s shipping company will besiege the average motorist after they are involved in a semi truck accident. In the event of a toxic spill, disengaged cargo, or multi-car semi truck accident, the burdens after the accident only increase. To protect yourself, contacting a skilled semi truck accident lawyer is a vital first step following a semi truck accident.

semi truck accident lawyers

A view of an overturned truck on an highway in an accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or death as a result of a semi truck accident, call our semi truck accident attorneys. The initial consultation is free of charge. If we agree to handle your injury case, we will work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we are paid for our services only if, and when, there is a money recovery for you. In many cases a lawsuit must be filed before an applicable expiration date known as a statute of limitations. Please call our semi truck accident lawyers right away to ensure you do not waive your right to possible compensation. More on this website

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Truck Accident Lawyers | Personal Injury Attorneys

Accidents involving commercially owned and operated trucks are different from your average motor vehicle accident and require a high level of expertise in the Federal Highway Traffic Safety rules, as well as knowledge of local and state rules and regulations that govern commercial vehicles. Under Pennsylvania’s laws, if you have been injured in a vehicle accident caused by another person’s recklessness or negligence, you may be entitled to recover damages that include medical costs, property loss, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Please call Munley, Munley & Cartwright’s lawyers for an expert assessment of your case. accident injury lawyers

At our Law Firm, our goal is to provide exceptional legal services to our clients. Our attorneys strive to achieve the highest standard of excellence in protecting the rights of our clients. Our team is committed to each case, and every client receives the benefit of our considerable resources and experience. We have the right combination of in-depth knowledge of trucking industry regulations and expertise in victims’ rights to structure the most successful claims for our clients who have been injured in commercial truck accidents.

Our experience has taught us that insurance companies may deny claims in truck collisions to protect the driving record of the truck driver. Truckers must follow specific State and Federal regulations, so it is important to retain a law firm that understands these regulations. The tort law is the law of safety, and we have been committed to reducing the number of truck-related accidents for many years. We have conducted in-house seminars and have spoken at seminars for trial lawyers around the country.

It is important that the firm you retain has the resources to hire the most experienced people in the country to investigate your case. Our lawyers have the necessary resources nationwide to hire experts in many areas including: maintenance, tire failure, accident reconstruction, federal safety rules and regulations and fleet maintenance.truck accident attorney

Texas Workers Compensation laws as they pertain to vehicular accidents: If you were in an accident while “on the job”, or in other words if you were a worker injured in a truck accident while in the “course and scope” of your employment, you are entitled to Pennsylvania Workers Compensation benefits since your injuries are considered work related injuries, or an “on the job” injury accident. Ask one of our Workers Compensation lawyers how Texas “work comp” laws may apply to you within the context of “on the clock” in a job or work related accident.

At our Law Firm, we have been handling truck, tractor-trailer, and big-rig related accident cases for many years. Our team of legal professionals can handle the complexities of commercial trucking accidents anywhere in the United States. Whether we’re gathering evidence, giving advice, or talking with insurance companies, we are always your representative. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone accident lawyers

The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail. However, contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established.

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Compare Whole House Water Filters

Going with a whole house water filtration system can be one of the best decisions you will ever make…. That is if you go with the right system from a reputable company.

The water industry is full of gimmicks and full of slimy sales people. Sometimes the more information we know, the harder it is to make a decision.water softeners

We took all the information and condensed it into this whole house water filter review and comparison page so you don’t have to call every company and get pitched by every sales person. Read below and compare some of the best whole house water systems. Evoclear Was Given The Best Rating Among The Top Whole House Water Filters

While there are dozens of different whole house water filters on the market, there are many that simply did not live up to the expectation and a few that performed much better than expected. The Evoclear Whole House Water Filter performed much better than any other system and was priced much lower than comparable systems. Evoclear uses high quality parts, including NSF certified media. Their systems are tested and offer a 90 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on the tank and valves. This system is surely one to look into if you are looking for a water filter for your entire home.I Thought City Water Was Safe?

City water is safer than the water that has not entered the city water yet, however city water is far from safe. Chlorine is typically added to the water to kill off bacteria and viruses but chlorine itself is very harmful if digested. Remember that you can also get chlorine in your body just by contact such as washing your hands or taking a shower. That is why it is recommended that you get a whole house water filtration system to eliminate these chemicals at every tap.What About Reverse Osmosis Systems?water filtration - water softeners

Reverse osmosis systems are great systems but cannot compare to a whole house water filter. There are a few different reasons. Reverse osmosis systems are typically installed under the sink meaning that they can only filter the water at that one tap. All your other taps and showers are not being filtered.

Another reason why I do not recommend going with a reverse osmosis system is because they take out a lot of good minerals in the water as well. These systems basically strip the water off everything. You are not going to get much nutritional value from the water at that point. Remember, that reverse osmosis systems will waste an equal amount of water that you actually use. So if you use 1 gallon of drinking water, you will have wasted 1 gallon of water as well. That is a lot of wasted water.& Faucet Filters & Shower Filters?

Of course these filters are better than nothing but they cannot compare to a whole house carbon filtration system. The reason is because they are small filters and they have limited contact with each chemical. Not many chemicals can be filtered out and only a small percentage of that chemical will be filtered. You are often left to replace the shower filters constantly and if you forget to replace the filter every month, you are drinking water that is not being filtered even though you may think you are drinking filtered water. These types of water filters are debatable on how well they work and how long they work for.What About Installing A Whole House Water Filter?

Installing a whole house water filtration system is not as hard as one may think. There is piping involved and you may have to go to your local plumbing store to get a few extra parts but once the system is installed, you never have to worry about it again. If you have some handyman experience, you will not have any problems installing the system. If you are not a handy-person at all, I would suggest going to your local plumber to have them install the system. It will cost a few hundred dollars but it will be well worth it.

Do not let the installation of a whole house water filter deter you from purchasing a whole house water filter. It isn’t as complicated as one might first think.Is There Any Maintenance?
water filtration - water filters

Depending on which system you ultimately decide to go with, there is a tiny bit of maintenance. For whole house water filters in general, they usually require the least amount of maintenance. The only real maintenance that is involved with the system is changing out the sediment pre-filter each year. It is usually very easy to do and should only take you a few minutes. You ultimately have to replace the media (which is the filter inside the tank) every 5-10 years. Any homeowner can do this as well.

For a system that removes basically everything and waste lots of water = Reverse Osmosis

For a cheap filter that needs replacement every month = Faucet Filter

For a filter that removes 1,000s of contaminants at ever tap = Evoclear Whole House Water Filter

For a system that removes contaminants & also gets rid of hard water = Evoclear Filter & Salt Free Combo SystemRecent PostsArchivesCategories