What Kind of Water Filter is right for you

What Kind of Water Filter is right for you

Your own definition of what constitutes the cheapest water filtration systems is what will ultimately be the deciding factor in your own situation. For instance, if you are thinking about lowest upfront costs, a simple faucet filter may be the best choice. But if initial investment is not an issue, perhaps a whole house filter makes more financial sense for your household.Water filter Service and Installation More about clean water and water softeners

Price Per Gallon – The Central Factor

If you are in the market to find the cheapest water filtration systems, actual price per gallon of filtered water should be the first factor in making a decision to buy. Without factoring in the initial cost of purchasing a filter device, determining price per gallon on a individual filter is figured by dividing the cost of the replacement filter by the potential number of filtered gallons.

So for instance, if a single replacement filter costs $48.00 and produces 500 gallons of filtered water, the price for gallon for this filter will be approximately 9.6 cents per gallon. For the sake of argument, let’s say the initial cost of the filtering device costs approximately $100.00, so the total cost for the first 500 gallons will actually be about 20 cents per gallon, and then the 9.6 cents per gallon price when replacing the filter. Whole house water filtering systems can be a bit pricey, and one should consider the benefits of having all the water in your home filtered versus just the faucets from which you plan to drink.

Price Per Gallon + Actual Purity = Cheapest Water Filtration Systems

Quantity without quality is a tried and true maxim, and the same goes for filtered water systems. Producing water at the cheapest price per gallon is only half the equation. Getting actual pure water is the other. So once you’ve compiled a list of the cheapest water filtration systems, the next thing to check is the Micron Rating.

A micron is an extremely tiny measurement that water filtration companies use to describe what size particles will be removed by individual filtering products. The smaller the micron rating, the smaller the particles a device will be expected to remove. So for instance, most faucet attached filters have about a .05 micron rating, which is good for removing some sediments, chlorine, and smaller bacteria. If you intend to remove viruses and very fine particles, only a filter rated at .01 micron rating will do. So once you’ve figured the price per gallon, narrow your selection of water filtering devices by which one’s provide the best filtering protection.clean drinking water

What about Bottled Water?

Many people seem to think that water from the tap just isn’t nearly as pure as bottled water trucked in from outside exotic sources. But many media outlets and other investigating agencies have found that in many instances this bottled water is no more pure than the water that presently comes from your tap, and in the majority of instances simple tap water is much more safe and clean than bottled water. What do you think is more pure, bottled water that comes from a tap on an island in the South Pacific or water that is purified from a local source? And in terms of price, bottled water is actually more than 200,000% more expensive than tap water. Imported bottled water is in no way any part of being on the list of cheapest water filtration systems.