Tree Stump Removal in San Antonio

Tree Stump Removal in San Antonio

Tree Services often can be incomplete. At times economics come into play and one chooses to leave Tree Stump in need of Removal trying to cut cost. What is left is often an eye sore, trip hazard and insect playground. tree stump removal
Here at Tree Removal Service we provide complete first class Tree services for the San Antonio – Hill Country area.

Our team motto is “perfection” and leaving your ground clean, stump free and ready to use is our goal. Often in selling a home buyers look for things that they have to spend money on when they move in. Do not let that old stump be the deciding factor in the sale of your home. Or maybe, you have just moved into a new home and the stump by the sidewalk is always in the way. Give Tree Removal Service San Diego a call and let our Arborist make it disappear with a Tree Stump Removal.

Often tree stump removal is needed to prevent “suckers” from growing in your yard and around the base. Not only do we grind the stump to the desired depth in these case but we go one step further offering you a treatment to prevent regeneration of any kind. Our Arborist may use a local injection into the stump or for aggressive varieties he may use a substance that will change the PH Balance of the surrounding soil, shocking the plant , not allowing it to convert nutrition till it dies. At that point we advise on proper leeching of the soil and put you in a position to plant again! Our methods are environmentally friendly and not harmful long term to the environment.

Our Stump Grinding machines are able to go through areas as narrow as a doorway and handle stumps as big as a kitchen table. Tree Stump Removal in San Diego is a needed part of our lives to help beautify our properties and landscapes.
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Over the years we have formed some amazing friendships with our customers. We have went on to be dear friends with some having years of good friendship behind us. This is the foundation of our company,
“we want to treat you like our own family”

this does not mean that we will be perfect, or always in the best mood, but we promise to give you our best effort at every junction.
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Thank You so much for looking at our website, I hope it is followed up with meeting us. I look forward to meeting you!